Bloated Tummy? How To Reduce It in A Week, Day Or An Hour


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Already nosedived into the Christmas season? Now suffering from a bloated tummy? Well, WH readers, you’re not alone. Mince pies, prosecco and tubs of Celebrations aplenty can trigger discomfort beyond occasional wind and can cause your tummy to appear rounder than normal. 

However, you don’t have to give up the festivities to save yourself from a season of farts. 

For starters, your bloated tummy is most likely triggered by something different to your colleagues. Grab a journal and keep a basic food diary – if you notice a trend in your bloating swerve that festive food or drink and fill up on the rest that doesn’t cause you to balloon. 

Secondly, it might not be the beige buffet – that’s full of dairy – that’s actually causing your bloating problem. (Do familiarise yourself with the symptoms of lactose intolerance). If you’ve recently increased your fruit or veg to counterbalance the season of excess you could have unknowingly caused your bloated belly.

But why?

Foods that contain a high amount of fructose and fibre can create digestive issues. That’s because, if this food starts to ferment in your gut it increases gas. The same goes if your gut microbiome is out of whack as your digestive system will struggle with the fibre. 

To help you negate the chances of a bloated tummy from now until 2018, use these simple anti-bloating tips from Alexis Poole, nutritionist for healthy eating app Spoon Guru, 

If you’ve got a week to deal with a bloated tummy 

‘Increase your intake of probiotics, found in live yoghurts, fermented foods and supplements,’ says Alexis. These help to improve the balance of good bacteria in your gut, which will keep bloating to a minimum.

Why not try these 5 foods which are naturally high in probiotics?

Peppermint oil can also help to reduce muscle spasms within the digestive tract – another contributing factor.

Capsule supplements take the faff out of oily liquids – try the range at Holland & Barrett.  

foods that cause a bloated tummy

If you’ve got a day to calm your bloated belly

Alexis is adamant this bloated tummy tip should be adhered to: ‘Steer clear of high-fibre foods that are associated with excess gas production like broccoli and cabbage. And avoid eating too much in one sitting – eating evenly-sized meals regularly will help prevent symptoms of bloating.’

why prosecco causes a bloated tummy

If you’ve only got an hour to ease stomach bloating

She adds: ‘Resist the urge to chew gum for sweet-smelling breath. It’s a big contributor to bloating because it encourages you to swallow air, which then becomes trapped in the stomach.

It also typically contains xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol, sugar-alcohols that produce excess gas during digestion.

Then, if there’s a particular event you’re working towards, on the night, swap bubbly drinks – that’s you Prosecco – for smooth-stomach still beverages such as white wine’. 


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