Feeling Stressed This Lunchtime? This £3.99 Vegan Meal Deal Will Help


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Meal deals are a bit of a UK national treasure.

Whether you’re an M&S BLT fan or more of a Tesco Egg Mayo kind of girl, everyone has their vice for hungover days or hectic lunch breaks.

And you all have those—dashing from one meeting to the next, grabbing whatever sandwich is left on the way to stop your grumbling stomach.

Vegans have had a bit of a rough time of it, with few options straying from the classic (and non-vegan) meat, cheese or egg offerings.

But no more. Boots is today expanding it’s vegan meal deal range to include four tasty new deals and broaden the lunch options for the growing number of vegans and flexitarians worldwide.

What’s more, they look pretty good, if you ask us.

There’s a coronation veggies sandwich, tandoori beetroot flatbread, samosa veggie wrap or sweet potato falafel grain box to choose from.

Every product has one of your five a day and only green and amber traffic lights. Win, win.

Whilst the research is varied, studies have linked a vegan diet to a lower risk of heart disease, bad gut health and cancer. Interestingly, the diet has also been found to help lower stress levels.

And thanks to the NHS guidelines, it’s well known that everyone should be trying to eat more fruit and vegetables.

In a study last year, scientists found that people who ate 10 portions of fruit and veg a day had a significantly lower risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Try them yourself:

Boots Meal Deal Coronation Veggies

Boots Coronation Veggies Sandwich,£2.75

Boots Meal Deal Beetroot Flatbread

Tandoori Style Beetroot Flatbread, £2.75

Boots Meal Deal Wrap

Boots Samosa Veggies Wrap, £2.75

Boots Meal Deal Falafel

Boots Sweet Potato Falafel Box, £3.25

Available in stores now

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